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Some new items arrived yesterday, including two versions of the German Schnellboot S38 in 1/72 scale by Fore Hobby. These kits are perfect made and have included besides a big set of photo eteched parts, two machined gun barrels. The two versions of this kit are the S38 as
built in 1942 and the later S38b with armored bridge.


German Navy
Schnellboot S-38/1942

Plastic Kit 1/72

Highly detailed kit with photoetched parts
and machined gun barrels

400+ Parts


 Fore Hobby
Item-No.: 72FH1001

In stock!
German Navy
Schnellboot S-38b

Plastic Kit 1/72

Highly detailed kit with photoetched parts
and machined gun barrels

400+ Parts


Manufacturer: Fore Hobby
Item-No.: 72FH1003

In stock!

Also new is the Fa330 Bachstelze by Takom in 1/16 scale. This kit is some like unusual, because it is a one seater aero grio copter used by German U-Boats to widen their range of observation. This autogiro was towed like a kite behind the U-Boat and controlled by one pilot who was also the watch. This gave the crews of the U-Boats the chance to literaly see behind their horizon without beeing seen.
To me this kit has an additional benefit, because the seamen that flew this stick where trained at the German Airfield in Rothenbergen (Hessen) next to my hometown. When the crews arrived at that time, they wore their Navy Uniforms, which came to the attention of a spy who sent this information to London instantly. This ended in a news message on BBCs radio, where the crews where welcomed at Rothenbergen the same evening! This the Germans new there was a spy and the crews are no secret anymore. The spy never was found, by the way.
For more details on the Bachstelze I recommend the Book "Himmelfahrtskommando "Bachstelze"" by Gerhard Freund. A documentation on the Fa330 available by Märchenstraße Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-9816145-1-0.

The kit comes with three sets of markings for German, English and French Version. A pilot figure is included too.
I would like to remark that the pilot never had worn a "Schiffchen" as seen on the artwork, because his working place was very windy and he would have lost it instantly. Original photos and the equipment list show that the pilot wore a standard leather hood with headphones and googles.

16TM1015.jpgFOCKE-ACHGELIS Fa 330 Bachstelze
1/16 Plastic Kit

Comes with 3 sets of markings
 Photo etches parts and Figure included

Manufacturer: Takom
Item-No.: 16TM1015

In stock!


Dear Customers and Friends,

This I call a nouvelty! YAMATO is back or better newly released by Glow 2B from a new mold as a Premium Kit in 1/200 scale!

You all remember the Nichimo Kit from the 1970s, who doesn't. It was my favorite as a boy of 6 but far to expensive at that time. 52 years later I will finally get it, too! My father always kept fingers crossed I didn't save the money to buy it at that time. I didn't tell him by now...he is 89 now that would kill him, maybe.


I haven't seen any parts by now, but Glow 2B released the assembly instruction, a book of 96 pages! It makes me hungery for more.

The design seems Trumpeter like and probably comes from that direction. So the Nichimo kit is a bit outdated, it is probably a new mold.
The Hull is a one piece part and has supports that seem to be in parts from metal. So the Kit is not announced as a RC-option there is no way to keep RC-geeks from making it an option.
This Model is
1315mm long and 194mm wide, it has 2800 parts and a bunch of 8 different PE-frames from which are twice others 4 times included! The salesprice of 499,-Euro seem much but seen in relation to the Nichimo item from 50 years ago it is cheap. The sold an multimedia Abo-Kit two years ago which was 1200 Euro in total and you had to make the Hull from wooden parts! That's expensive.


Today the Panzer III Ausfg. J, L, M from Heller in 1/16 scale arrived and it is a great model too. It has the same quality like the StuG III and the same tracks.
In opposite to the Das Werk Modell the upper Hull is a one piece part and included in two different versions! The only bug is the messed the holes for the agles up and included an repair instruction in the assembly instruction. Not a big thing but you need to fix it and simple was cheaper for them to do it this way instead of fixing the mold?!
You also have to decide which version to built right from the beginning, because they made seperate instruction books for them. This is helpful, because the instruction is better to handle this way. A color printed painting instruction for 8 versions is also included and the decal sheet leaves German crosses for at least two other models.
 Interior is limited to the turret only and the gun barrels are made from plastic, except for the long version which also comes in machined aluminum, but looks a bit different than the plastic part. I have to check on this point first, before I can say anything on if it's original or not.
But together with the Das Werk kit you get three metal barrels for two tanks, which leaves one for an RC-Tank model, or?

The skirts for the sides are from PS and pre-cut which makes assembly easy. The skirts for the turret are injection molded ones.
The tracks are singlelinked but have the sprocket as a single piece to glue on. I don't know wihich moron invented this, but you may skip it by using pre-assembled plastic tracks from Heng Long or metal versions by Taigen. Whom this isto heavy or expensive will need to glue....

Both kits are good and you can make a skillful model from each kit, but togehter they make more than just the total of parts!


Not new, but only one of two kits ever made in that scale is the
Space Shuttle in 1/72 scale by Revell.
The only other model that size was the Monogram Shuttle with Tank and Boosters. But that is not available anymore since years.
The Revell kit has a lot of detail, like the complete cockpit with a to open hatch and the cargo bay doors that open too, including a cargo consisting of the Space Lab.
Only the heat shield tials have risen engravings, which is wrong, but can be changed with a lot of time and more work.

The monogram kit wasn't engraved at all! And lacked many of those details too, due to the fact it had to be light weight for to been mounted to the external fueltank. So the Revell kit is unique and large too...


Dear Customers and Friends,

forgive me for not beeing present here since Christmas, but the Corona situation made it quite useless to inform you on things you couldn't get in time due to the chaos in mail services world wide.
It's still grown worse since then and the perspective looks dark anyway, but we are optimistic and hope things will get to a more normal level then since.

There have
been only a few new Items during the first quarter of the year 2022, but some remarkable too. Please have a look to the German News Section or the shop to see what came during the last weeks and let me start today with the second model of the well known and produced in numbers tank of WWII of German Army, the Panzer III.
Das Werk started the year by announceing the release of this new Kit in 1/16 scale by April 2022. Followed by Heller soon. So both battled each other before on releaseing the StuG III, this time the release date was more relaxed. While Das Werk delivered their kit in the beginning of April, Heller followed pretty precise a month later. And we expect to get the kits from Heller by Thursday. The ones from Das Werk are already in stock.

Both kits are more then unusual and come with both, a lot or extra parts for several verions to build and even more decals for decorating several more color shemes. All together and noticing the fact that this tank was one of the most built in German Army during WWII, there is an endless number of Versions possible to be build.

Best of all there will be precious parts to be left over and useful to upgrade or modify i.e. the Heng Long RC models. There are otherwise a lot of RC spares available that may be useful for converting the kit, such as tracks in plastic or metal and in several versions like the Ost Winterkette (Wide Winter Tracks), sproket wheels and roadwheels in metal and with rubber tires and several more. Also there are some nice figures available, which are missing in the kits...

Panzer III Ausf J
German Tank
3 in 1

Plastic Model Kit 1/16 scale

Product Details
Highly detailed static plastic model
3 versions buildable
Workable tracks & suspension
2,5cm cannon metal barrels (Short & Long)*
*First production run only
2 engine deck versions (Standard & Africa (DAK))
3 in 1 Kit
The following options can be built from the kit:
    with or without add on armor
    with a long or short barrel
    the Afrika Korps (DAK)-Version or Standard-Version
Figure not included!

Manufacturer: Das Werk
Item-No.: 16DW002

In stock!

16HR30321-001.jpgPanzer III Ausf. J, L, M,
German Tank

Plastic Model Kit 1/16
Versions that can be build:
Ausf. J (Sd.Kfz. 141 - 5cm KwK/L42)
Ausf. J (Sd.Kfz. 141/1 - 5cm KwK/L60)
Ausf. L (Sd.Kfz. 141/1 - 5cm KwK/L60)
Ausf. M (Sd.Kfz. 141/1 - with side armor

Aluminum gun for Type J
Single track links
Side armor plates
Includes photo etched parts
Markings for:
Pz.Rgt.3, 2.Pz.Div., Kursk 1943
3.Pz.Gren.Div. "Totenkopf", Kursk 1943
6.Pz.Div., Kursk 1943
3.Pz.Rgt.7, 10.Pz.Div., Tunesien 1943
2.Pz.Div., Russia1941
Unbekannte Einheiten: 412 Sommer 1943,
Sommer 1943, 124 Winter 1943

1500+ Parts
420 x 205 mm
343 x 188 mm

Figure not included!

Manufacturer: Heller
Item-No.:  16HL30321

In stock!

Unfortunately Inflation is rising, due to oil price and shipping problems everything will get more expensive by now soon. We have to adjust our prices depending on the new retail prices from time to time and it looks that we will have to more than once this year.
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Still the shipping overseas is a big problem, but it starts to get better by  now.

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